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Admission & Visa Process

Send scan copies of Passport, Picture in JPEG Format, educational papers and detailed Resume along with filled up Student Application Form duly signed to for Offer letter.

We will issue “Offer Letter” and “Payment Advice”

Student remit Admission & Visa Processing Fees (Non-refundable) of net US$ 600 to “Lambirds Academy, Saint Lucia- nominated bank account” through Wire Transfer. Remit also Spouse & Kids visa processing fees– US$ 1,050 (N-R) net for each applicant – if they want to apply together with the student) and send us remittance copy. Applicant will bear all remittances costs in order to get us all amount on net figure.

Send scan copies of Work Experience Certificate (if any), Bank solvency and Bank balance certificate, confirm booking of two way ticket and police clearance certificate of the applicant. Please also send spouse picture, passport copy, marriage certificate, work experience certificate, police clearance certificate and confirm booking of two way ticket (if they apply at the same time) along with filled up Visa Application Form in MS Format duly signed and dated to for Visa approval process.

Lambirds Academy will secure Paper Visa or Passport Stamped Visa (as per your requirement) from Saint Lucian Immigration Department

After Visa, we will send you the scan copies of the Paper Visa or Passport Stamped Visa and remittance advice for remitting FULL Tuition Fees.

Remit the FULL Tuition Fees (Net) to “Lambirds Academy nominated bank account in Saint Lucia” and send us the scan copies of the remittance, we will send you the original via courier.

Apply for Transit Visa (if required) for UK / Netherlands / USA / Canada (based on transit route) along with confirm bookings

When you receive transit visa, buy both way ticket – inform us and fly

We will receive you at the airport and take you to the academy for completion of enrolment procedure and transfer to your hostel/living place.

NB: There is a service charge of US $ 260 (N-R) (Net) for Accommodation Arrangement (Shared basis) and Airport Pickup. You have to remit this amount along with full tuition fees once your visa has been granted.

Document Check List.

  1. Passport (Biometric, Address Pages and Visa Pages if reside at overseas)
  2. Picture (35 x 45 mm, white background)
  3. Secondary School, Higher/Equivalent Certificate, Degree and Masters Certificate along with Mark Sheets
  4. Detailed Resume / CV
  5. Work Experience Certificate (If education gap)
  6. Bank Statement and Solvency Certificate showing a minimum balance of US$6,000 (for courses up to 6 months) OR US$ 12,000 (For courses above 6 months) in student’s own name
  7. Confirm booking on Ticket (two way) at the time of visa application
  8. Picture of Spouse and Kids (35 x 45 mm, white background) – if applied at the same time
  9. Police Clearance Certificate of Student and Spouse.
  10. Marriage Certificate and Work Experience Certificate of the spouse, if applied at the same time.

Batch Start at the end of every alternative month.

We can start new batches in every month based on minimum number of student required to start a batch.

Admissions Policy:

Lambirds Academy admits all qualified applicants regardless of sex, nationality, creed, disability, or ethnic origin. The Academy recruits and admits only those students who have the potential to complete the programs successfully. The prospective student’s motivation and interest in succeeding in his/her chosen field are important factors for admission consideration, as well as the student’s academic qualification.

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