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No IELTS – No Interview

Minimum Education: SSC

No Age bar (18 – 45 years)

Visa in 7-15 Days    

100 % Visa Ratio if you have no criminal record and your bank balance is genuine

Very Low Tuition Fees, starts from $ 4,400

Specialized (CPT) practical based Courses: Professional Cooking & Baking, Thai Massage,

   Hair Dressing, Care Giving, House Keeping, Front Office, CIS, Game Development,

   Agriculture, Scuba Diving, Health Care Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management &

   Cruise Management

Degrees from British Awarding Body OTHM, EMDI or CVQ

Spouse, Kids and Parents can join with you with only Visa Processing and Immigration cost.

 Nominal fees for kid’s Education

Spouse and Parent can work full time both Job and Business

Low Living Cost (Food & Residence) – Yearly $ 3,600 (On shared accommodation)

 You can easily stay here in St Lucia on Work Permit after successful completion of your course 

Job Placement Support in Middle East for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippine Students after successful completion of the course.

 Credit transfer facility to UK and America with our Associate Universities on MBA and MSc

    & eligible to apply for Green Card after the Course in USA.

Student Exchange and Pre-University Program at our Associate Academy at Ontario, Canada.

NCLEX online Exam Training plus Job Placement facility for Nurses in USA at the cost of $ 6,000Expected Salary minimum US $ 48,000 per year.

Internship Facility with major Cruise lines of America, Caribbean, Europe, Fareast and Asia

Internship Facility in America on Hospitality on J1 Visa by our Associates

 Above all, the best part is Learn & Earn: Every student will have assured stipend of minimum EC $ 300 per month from Month 4, during the training period from the Academy. Thai Massage, Scuba Diving, Hair Dressing, Agriculture, Cruise Management Program students will start getting stipend of EC $ 450 from month 3. Game Development Program student will have stipend of EC $ 450 from First Month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Why Lambirds Academy situated in Saint Lucia?

Answer: Saint Lucia is a tropical Island of Caribbean situated very near to Miami Beach of USA and is called the paradise of the world. It is one of the desired destinations for tourism specially for weddings & honeymoons. Tourism is one of the main source of earning of this country with Per Capita Income is $12,927.

All Courses at Lambirds Academy are designed to explore the tourism industry of Saint Lucia like Professional Cooking and Baking, Thai Massage & Message Therapy, Housekeeping, Front Office Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Health Care Management, Caregiver and Cruise Management, Scuba Diving. These courses have immediate demand and there are lots of avenues to explore in this country.

Secondly, Saint Lucia is a Sovereign State under the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and a part of Commonwealth States. Moreover it is an English Speaking Country.

After finishing study in Saint Lucia, students can switch to work permits and after staying there for another two years, they will become eligible for a PR or decide to stay in Saint Lucia or move to other major Countries like USA & Canada or Commonwealth Countries like UK, Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand or other European countries, as Commonwealth Citizens enjoys visa free travel among these countries. In a simple note, studying at Lambirds Academy in Saint Lucia will settle your career forever.

Q.2) What International Accreditations do Lambirds Academy courses have?

Answer: Courses are affiliated and endorsed by British Awarding Bodies – OTHM and EMDI. Lambirds Academy is approved by the Ministry of Education, the Government of Saint Lucia too. There are some courses approved by the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) and few courses approved by Lambirds Academy, USA – a Virginia (USA) Government approved vocational awarding body.

Q.3) what are the available Courses being offered at Lambirds Academy?

Answer: Lambirds Academy offers Hospitality & Tourism supportive courses like Professional Cooking and Baking, Thai Massage, Massage Therapy, Housekeeping, Care giving, Nanny, Front Office Management, Scuba Diving, Cruise Management, Computer Information Systems, Hair Dressing, Agriculture, Health Care Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management,

Q.4) how many hours student can work during study?

Answer: Students are only allowed to work on CPT (Curricular Practical Training) based programs. All courses at Lambirds Academy are designed based on CPT, so students have to work 20-40 hours Job training per week beside theory classes.

Q.5) Does Lambirds Academy assist in applying for a Saint Lucian Student Visa for International Students?

Answer:  Lambirds Academy applies for the visa to the Immigration Departments of Saint Lucia for all international students.

There are two types of visas. One: Paper Visa and Two: Passport Stamp Visa. The visa stamp will be endorsed on the passport on arrival, if you have Paper Visa. For Passport Stamped Visa, you have to send us your original passport through courier along with your relevant governmental department approval and we will send you back the original passport after having your visa stamped from Immigration Authority of Saint Lucia.

Q.6) what are my chances of getting a Saint Lucian Visa?

Answer: Visa is 100% Secured if students have a clean criminal record and can show a genuine bank balance; even you have visa refusal records from other major countries.

Q.7) what is the Visa Processing Time in Saint Lucia?

Answer: 7-15 days after submitting all documents with Immigration Authority including Police Clearance, Bank Statement and confirmed two way ticket booking.

Q.8)  Will I get a Work permit after my study at Lambirds Academy?

Answer: Yes. When you find an employer, the employer applies for One Year’s Work Permit and its renewable.

Q.9)  How much is the cost for one year Work permit?

Answer: US $ 3,000 or EC $ 7500 and it takes 15 working days to get the work permit approval. There are two types of work permits, Employment Work Permit and Business Work Permit.

Q.10) Can my Spouse, kids or Parents join me at Saint Lucia?

Answer: Yes, Spouse, Kids or parents can join anytime but they are on their own and have to make their own arrangement in all respect. There is a monthly Immigration Cost on each dependent of EC $ 200 until they convert into work permit or student visa. This fees must be paid to the Immigration in time to maintain their stay legally. Kid’s Education is very nominal on this Island. Per term is EC $ 200.

Lambirds Academy has nothing to do with any dependent and has no responsibility at all, whatsoever. Student is our only concern. Please be guided accordingly.

Q.11) Can my Spouse or Parent work there?

Answer: Yes, but spouse have to first find an employer who will apply for work permit and on approval, they can start their work.

Q.12) what is the minimum wage rate in Saint Lucia?

Answer:  There are no wage limits in Saint Lucia but the basic salary starts at EC $ 5 – $8 an Hour.

Q.13) what is the minimum or maximum age range you accept for enrollment at Lambirds Academy?

Answer: We accept persons ranging between 18-45 years. The younger is the better.

Q.14) Is it safe to live in Saint Lucia?

Answer: Saint Lucia is a very low populated country, that’s why government is very conscious about the safety of the people specially tourists. Security is very tight, so students have to be very careful about their behavior and anger which might lead them expulsion from the island.

Q.15)  what is the benefit of studying at Lambirds Academy, Saint Lucia?

Answer: Lambirds Academy head hunting wing will provides full assistance in getting Paid Internship or Jobs in St. Lucia, Caribbean, Middle East and USA also in Cruise Ships and Ships around the globe after the successful completion of courses.

Q.16) Shall I need to show any language skills / tests to join the courses?

Answer: Since the courses are competency based as well as Saint Lucia is an English Speaking Country, Students need to be good in English and eagerness to upgrade their English competency.

Q.17) Shall I need a passport to register for courses?

Answer: Students don’t require a passport to register for a course, but without passport, they cannot apply for the visa.

Q.18) How much do I need for accommodation?

Answer: Since Saint Lucia is a tourist country, usually rate of accommodation is relatively high, but you can minimize it to ground if you stay on shared premises, Indian homemade food service is available for Lunch and Dinner as well as cheaper food is available at our Campuses and food outlets. In general, roughly it varies between US $200-$400 per month.

NB: There is a service charge of US $ 260 (N-R) (Net) for Accommodation Arrangement (Shared basis) and Airport Pickup & Transportation. You have to remit this amount along with full tuition fees once your visa has been granted.

18 b) what type accommodation is available?

Answer: One bed and three bed room’s houses are commonly available and will be shared between 2-6 persons to reduce the cost.

19) what is the local Currency in Saint Lucia?

Answer: East Caribbean (EC) Dollars, although US Dollar and Euro are widely accepted. The conversion rate between US Dollar and Caribbean Dollar is 2.68.

Q.20) Are credit transfers available to other countries such as UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA etc.?

Answer: Most of the courses are accredited by British and Caribbean Awarding Bodies and widely accepted throughout the world as a top ranked vocational qualification especially for migration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can get direct access to jobs and universities on higher level if you choose to move to USA, Canada, UK and the Europe.

21) what are the documents students need to apply for a Student visas?

Document Check List.

  1. Passport (Biometric, Address Pages and Visa Pages)
  2. Picture (35 x 45 mm, white background)
  3. Secondary School, Higher/Equivalent Certificate, Degree and Masters Certificate along with Mark Sheets
  4. Detailed Resume / CV
  5. Work Experience Certificate (If education gap)
  6. Bank Statement and Solvency Certificate showing a minimum balance of US$6,000 (for courses up to 6 months) OR US$ 12,000 (For courses above 6 months) in student’s own name
  7. Confirm booking on Ticket (two way) at the time of visa application
  8. Picture of Spouse and Kids (35 x 45 mm, white background) – if applied at the same time
  9. Police Clearance Certificate of Student and Spouse.
  10. Marriage Certificate and Work Experience Certificate of the spouse, if applied at the same time

Point 1-4 is required for offer letter and 5-10 for visa process.

21 b) Academy Refund Policy: 

Answer: Admission and Visa Processing fee is 100% non-refundable. Tuition fee is 100% non-refundable, once the visa is issued. If the student at all cannot come to Saint Lucia for Study at Lambirds Academy on genuine and serious ground i.e. deportation or serious accident then only we will refund the tuition fees by deducting $ 600 – $ 1050 (N-R) as an admin cost plus wire transfer cost direct to the student account. Proper evidences will be required and visa must be cancelled by the Immigration of Saint Lucia, prior to process the refund request of tuition fees only. Once the student has arrived at Saint Lucia by using our visa then there will be no refund of tuition fee at all. Please be guided accordingly.

22) Can I extend my student visa?

Answer: Yes, the visa is 100% extendable subject to, you maintain admission and visa regulations properly. We will secure your visa on behalf of you. We help you to have new and upgraded courses at Lambirds Academy for further and higher studies.

23) Do I have any extra benefit if I am a student from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka or Philippine?

Answer: Lambirds Academy placement wing has special arrangements with the Middle Eastern Countries such as UAE, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia etc for these Nationalities. Once the students successfully completed their courses at Lambirds Academy, the Job is more or less secured in these countries. Pay Package, Placement terms and Conditions differs on Country wise.

24) Can I go to USA on student visa?

Answer: Lambirds Academy USA will be ready to accept international students by next year. Lambirds Academy Saint Lucia students will get 100% credit transfer on this case.

We are going to launch Level 7 (Post Graduation) Diploma in Business Management, Health Care Management and Computer Information Systems from March 2015 for Nurse, Doctor, Health and Other Professionals, by which student will get Credit transfer facility to our Associated University in California ” CALUMS” (after their assessment as per policy) for top up MBA, MSc in Health Care Management and MSc in Computer Information Systems. and lead you to eligible to apply for US Green Card.

25) How much can a student can earn in a month?

Answer: Basically, it depends on the employer as well as type of course. Student may Income EC $300 to $600 monthly or equivalent facility, it can be treated as pocket money and should not count on this income though the income will be much higher after finishing the course. You may get high rates of pay even during the Paid Internship or Job – depends how good you are at work and your relationship with the employer.

*** But there is an assured stipend for every student at Lambirds Academy. Student will have stipend of minimum EC $ 300 per month from Month 4, during the training period from the Academy.

Thai Massage, Scuba Diving, Hair Dressing, Agriculture, Cruise Management Program students will start getting stipend of EC $ 450 from month 3. Game Development Program student will have stipend of EC $ 450 from First Month. ***

25 b) what kind of jobs are available for students and dependents.

Answer: Cooking, Baking, House Keeping, Front Office, Hair Cut, Beauty Parlor, Selling Food, Delivery, Driving, Massage, Care Giving, Nanny, Sewing, Tour Guide, Web Design, Networking, Software Development, Factory Work, Construction Work, Scuba Diving, Agricultural Work, Gardening, Farming, Fishing, Food Production etc

26) can the student or their spouse or parent do the business part time or full time?

Answer: Yes, it is 100% possible on obtaining the necessary permission from the relevant authority of the Government. Doing business in Saint Lucia is the best option for everyone. By investing US $ 8,000 – $ 24,000, anyone can start Tourism or Food related business easily. It gives high income, more flexibility and freedom and help the people to settle in Saint Lucia very easily.

27) what is the Permanent Residency process, cost & process time in Saint Lucia?

Answer: It depends on the attorney and may cost US $2,600 – $3,500 plus and may take 6-8 months after proper submission of the application with the relevant authority.

28) what are the things a student can learn at their home country before coming to St Lucia?

Answer: Driving, Cooking, Baking, Hair Cut, Beauty Parlor, Sewing, Gardening, Fishing, Farming, Swimming, Computer Operation, English Speaking & Writing. Most importantly well behavior. It is advisable to bring International Car/Motor Cycle driving license, Laptop, some important software, Smart Phone, pen drive/hard drive, some stationery and cotton base clothing with you.

In a nutshell, Lambirds Academy in Saint Lucia is the gateway of your Golden Future.

The biggest opportunity is “Settlement” on Work Permit Programs, which leads to PR and Citizenship after 7 Years.

You may also opt to transfer to major countries for higher studies likely to the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany and other parts of the Europe after successful completion of courses at Lambirds Academy.

You are also eligible to apply for PR in New Zealand and Europe after completion of these professional courses such as Professional Cookery & Bakery, Care Giving, Hair Dressing, Agriculture Courses with NVQ Level 3 or above and Level 7 (Post Graduate) Diploma in CIS, Health Care Management and Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Internship facility with major Cruise lines on various professions

Internship facility in America on Hospitality and ICT Field on J1 Visa by our Associates

Above all, the best part is Learn and Earn, Every student will have assured stipend of minimum EC $ 300 per month from Month 4, during the training period from the Academy.

Thai Massage, Scuba Diving, Hair Dressing, Agriculture, Cruise Management Program students will start getting stipend of EC $ 450 from month 3. Game Development Program student will have stipend of EC $ 450 from First Month. ***

Going to USA and settle there on US Green Card after finishing the Master Degree could be another best and easiest option.

NB: Immigration Policy may change at any time at the discretion of the Government of Saint Lucia and other major Countries of the World without prior notice. These are some basic information and Lambirds Academy has no obligations and responsibilities on any of these information.